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※ If one carries unaccompanied baggage, please declare to the customs via the Red (Goods to Declare/Customs Service) Channel upon arrival.



What does unaccompanied baggage mean? What should passenger with unaccompanied baggage do upon arrival?

(A) "Unaccompanied Baggage" refers to baggage that do not arrive in the same aircraft or ship as the inward passenger.

(B) If one carries unaccompanied baggage, please fill in the Inbound Passengers Declaration Form and declare to the customs via the Red (Goods to Declare/Customs Service) Channel upon arrival. Then, the passenger is entitled to a totaled NT$20,000 exemption for personal or household articles.


Is there any prescribed period for import of unaccompanied baggage or customs clearance?

(A) Import Period: Unaccompanied baggage shall be imported before the passenger's entry or within 6 months from the date of entry. What is not imported within this period shall be regarded as regular cargo, and the related duty exemption and certification exemption provisions for inward passengers shall no longer apply.

(B) Customs Clearance Period: After arriving Taiwan, the passenger (or his/her proxy) shall apply for customs clearance within 15 days from the day following the arrival date of the means of transportation carrying the unaccompanied baggage.

In the case where the passenger (or his/her proxy) fails to apply within this period, a late fee of NT$200 per day shall be levied from the day following that on which the prescribed period expires.

※ Notice: Warehouse fee shall be charged from the day of the unaccompanied baggage stored in the warehouse.


The procedure for Customs Clearance

(A) Opening hours: Monday ~ Friday, 09:00 ~ 16:00

(B) Necessary documents:


(C) Please confirm in advance the storage location of your unaccompanied baggage and the location of offices of customs where to apply for customs clearance, or contact us via +886-800-311-005 for consultation.

Service Line:+886-800-311-005

Offices of Customs Contact Numbers Note

Taipei Customs (Clearance Building)


If your unaccompanied baggage is imported as regular cargo by Taiwan Air Cargo or Evergreen Air Cargo, please apply for customs clearance at the Taipei Customs Clearance Building.

Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal Tel:+886-3-398-3123
Evergreen Air Cargo Terminal Tel:+886-3-393-8140
Farglory Air Cargo Terminal

Tel:+886-3-399-2888 ext. 3646


(D) Clearance Flow Chart:

Clearance Flow Chart

※ Notice: Customs could grant certain exemption to unaccompanied luggage only if the owner, the arriving passenger, had completed a declaration upon his/her arrival.


In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

General Affairs Section, Inspection Division



Inbound Passengers Declaration Form

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