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Traveling with Pets

If one exports pets involving quarantine issues or in need of a certificate or approval for customs clearance, please make the formal export clearance to Customs.

  • For more information about Formal Export Clearance:
    • Traveling with pets.
    • Exporting pets or live animals as cargo.   (or contact at +886-3-3938240)


Provisions Imposed on Pets Carried Out of Taiwan

I. Quarantine Regulations:

  • For more infomation, please contact Hsinchu branch of BAPHIQ (+886-3-3982431) ( for dogs/cats ;  for other live animals)


II. Regulations of Protecting Endangered Species:

For exportation of Endangered Species, a permit or certificate issued by the Competent Authority is required.

Species to be Exported Competent Authority

(a) CITES-listed species

Bureau of Foreign Trade

(b) Species regulated by the Wildlife Conservation Act*



In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.
Content Maintainers: General Affairs Section, Inspection Division


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