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Most regulations imposed to crew members are the same as those imposed to arriving passengers (residents/foreigners), EXCEPT the following specific regulations:


I. Duty Free Exemptions

If the amount carried in excess of exemptiona declaration shall be completed and submitted to Customs.

Category Duty Free Exemptions
1 Daily Necessities / Bare Necessities Small amount of permitted goods for private use
2 Dutiable Goods None
3 Alcoholic Beverages None

Tobacco Products

5 packs (20 pieces per pack) of cigarettes, or

20 cigars (cigars and cigarillos), or

half a pound Smoking tobacco

  • Note: 
    • Other Tobacco Products not mentioned above are prohibited.
    • About the limit on the amount of Tobacco Products and Alcohols, please refer to "Duty Free Exemptions and Payment of Taxes" for more information.



II. Limit on the Amount of Dutiable Goods

Crew members carrying dutiable goods shall declare to Customs ahead of the General Declaration (G/D) submission by the captain.


 Total Value of Dutiable Goods         What happened After Declaration

(a) LESS than NTD 5,000              Imposed tariff on the goods

(b) OVER NTD 5,000                Goods shall be returned or shipped out of Taiwan

  • Note: Goods without a declaration shall be processed pursuant to the Customs Anti-smuggling Act or other governing laws.


III. Medicines

       In the Case of                   Allowance

(a) With prescription (or supporting document)      The same as the passengers' regulations

                             (refer to the "Medicines")

(b) Without prescription (or supporting document)     Half of the passengers' regulations

  • Note: A prescription or a supporting document of one's own MUST be presented when it comes to controlled drugs and injectables


IV. Declaration Procedure


  • The captain shall present a crew manifest, General Declaration (G/D) , to Customs for crew clearance.
  • Thus, crew members having goods to declare shall submit a written declaration form to Customs AHEAD OF the G/D submission by the captain.


  • Customs may conduct luggage inspection after receiving the G/D, where the written declaration shall no longer be accepted and items in violation shall be processed pursuant to the Customs Anti-smuggling Act or other governing laws.


In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

General Affairs Section, Inspection Division

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