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Things you must know ahead of arrival in Taiwan

    Taipei Customs (TPC) reminds inbound passengers of the regulations and new policies amid COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Study abroad students and business people travel again after a year of uncertainty. In addition to protecting themselves from coronavirus, they must be careful of the arrival regulations. 

1. Tobacco products, alcohols, food products, medicines and unaccompanied baggage and other general items:
    Detailed information can be found in the attachment or on TPC website (https://etaipei.customs.gov.tw/multiplehtml/3396). For other questions related to luggage inspection, travelers are welcomed to contact TPC on  +886-800-311085/ +886-800-311006, or email to chief@customs.gov.tw

2. Masks:
    a. Total under 250 pieces (medical and non-medical masks): bypass
    b. Total over 250 pieces: 
        Permit of Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs  
    c. Medical masks over 250 pieces:
            Permit of Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare (FDA)  


3. Oximeter for personal use:
     Every inbound passenger is allowed to bring one oximeter into  Taiwan for personal use from June 28th to Dec 31th, 2021. 
     Hotline of FDA (+886-227878200) is available for importing medical devices. 

    Besides, inbound passengers can inquire National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior (+886-800-024111) and Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (+886-800-001922) about entry restrictions and quarantine regulations.

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