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Taipei Customs Seizes an Outbound Passenger Carrying Undeclared Gold

Taipei Customs (TPC) announced that Inspection Division of TPC seized an outbound national passenger who canceled the passenger clearance and carried undeclared 30-kg gold in the hand-carry luggage which is against Paragraph 4, Article 12 of Money Laundering Control Act and Article 3 of Administrative Penalty Act.
According to provisions of Anti-Money Laundering Regulations for Cross-border Declaration and Reporting, inbound or outbound passengers with gold in an aggregate value exceeding USD 20,000 shall declare to the Customs and apply the permit from Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs. If gold-carrying passengers fail to declare or file a false declaration, they will be fined in the equivalent amount of the value of undeclared gold.
TPC reminded passengers that they shall honestly declare to the Customs when carrying foreign currencies or negotiable securities in an aggregate value exceeding USD 10,000, New Taiwan dollars in an aggregate value exceeding NTD 100,000 or items, might be used for the purpose of money laundering, in an aggregate value exceeding NTD 500,000. For further detailed information, please visit the website of Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance (https: //web.customs.gov.tw) and search Guidelines for Inbound or Outbound Passenger Declaration/ Passenger Clearance; or dial 0800-311-006.

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