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Taipei Customs Suggests Inbound and Outbound Passengers Shall Declare Excess Cash Honestly.

Taipei Customs seized 18 cases of inbound and outbound passengers carrying excess cash and failed to declare to customs from January to May 15, 2022 in Taoyuan Airport, with a total of NTD850,700, RMB184,100, USD131,000 and JPY4,190,000. Under Money Laundering Control Act and Act Governing Relations Between The People of Taiwan Area and Mainland China, since these passengers failed to declare to customs, excess cash was confiscated and reported to the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau.

Under Money Laundering Control Act, the limit for passengers carrying cash is: NTD100,000, RMB20,000, and total foreign currency equivalent to USD10,000. If passengers carry excess cash and fail to declare to customs, the excess portion will be confiscated.

Taipei Customs suggests cross-boarder travelers should follow relevant laws and regulations, take the initiative to declare to the customs, cooperate with inspection and examination, and expedite the customs clearance process. In addition, cross-boarder travelers should also comply with epidemic prevention regulations in order to protect their health. If you have any further question, please feel free to contact the customs at 0800-311-005 for more information.

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