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Taipei Customs Offers 24/7 Clearance Services During Dragon Boat Festival

    Epidemic warning has been raised to Level 3 nationwide. Taipei Customs (TPC) has taken several steps to create a healthy and safe workplace. TPC takes the responsibilities and stays at work. 

    Dragon Boat Festival (from June 12 to June 14, 2021) is on the corner, and Clearance Units of TPC provide 24/7 services for stakeholders as usual.
1. Luggages of travelers
Inspection Division in Taoyuan International Airport and Songshan Branch in Taipei Songshan Airport
2. Express air cargo and Cargo examined and released alongside aircrafts
Express Cargo Division, Jhuwei Branch or Songshan Branch

    It’s notable that for general import cargo, export cargo and bonded goods, clearance services are provided within specific period of time or upon requests respectively. 
1. General import and export cargo (including bonded goods) 
First and Second Express Section of Express Cargo Division, Customs Clearance Section of Songshan Branch, Non-intrusive Inspection Division of Jhuwei Branch or First Customs Clearance Division of Jhuwei Branch
Working Hours: from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
2. Bonded goods
Upon requests, Hsinchu Science Park Section of Second Clearance Division provides overtime service on case-by-case basis. 
3. Parcels
Postal and General Affairs Section of Songshan Branch dispatches officers in accordance with the work schedule of Chunghwa Post Office. 

    General cargo clearance cases received on the working day, June 11, will be released except for specific ones. 

    Attached is service contacts for dealing with urgent cases or request for information. 

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