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Dual-Card Registration Ensure Accuracy of Importers' Real-Name Authentication

Taipei customs stated that in order to ensure accuracy of importers' real-name authentication, the registration of the "SMS Verification" mode will include NHI (National Health Insurance) Card number to enhance validation mechanism. In addition to adoption of National ID Card authentication, inclusion of NHI card to EZWAY will be helpful to prevent falsification or information leakage of importers. 

Taipei customs further stated that the dual-registration system (Telecom Authentication and SMS Verification) has been adopted by Customs. On the aspect of "Telecom Authentication",  as the applicants' cell phone SIM cards will be confirmed by a Telecom company, there is a low probability for a smart phone number to be misused by an impostor. On the contrary, regarding "SMS Verification", there has not been a suitable system in place to effectively validate the applicants. To further strengthen the identity validation, the NHI card numbers have been included. Under the dual-card authentication system (National ID card and NHI card), if a newly registered Taiwan resident by using "SMS Verification", he/she needs to provide his/her NHI card number and date of birth. For these users who have already registered, re-registration of NHI card numbers and date of birth is strongly suggested.

Taipei Customs further pointed out that in order to prevent illegal activities such as ID information being misused for declarations, a more stringent real-name authentication mechanism is necessary. Taipei Customs urges importers already registered with "SMS Verification" to re-register under the dual-card authentication system. If the importers are unable to add NHI card to the system within a time limit, a paper-based POA, power of attorney, should be submitted for cargo clearance, instead.

If there is any further questions, regarding the forward mentioned system, please feel free to contact the Trade-Van Company at 0800-082-188 for more information.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2023-02-15 Click times:261