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Taipei Customs Seeing Rise in E-cigarette Seizures

Taipei Customs (TPC) has seized 208,658 boxes of e-cigarette cartridges, 10,780 bottles of e-cigarette vaping liquids, and 2,988 cases of vaporizers and the components since 2020. Besides, 2,178 cases containing nicotine are turned over to Police Agency for further investigation. 

TPC warns that e-cigarette products have raged on the whole world but they are harmful to people’s health. Some people are lured by the various flavorings and special look, and some are cheated by the rumor that they are helpful to quit smoking.  

E-cigarettes and the related products are prohibited to import. Those who import or sell e-cigarette cartridges and vaping liquids which contain nicotine shall be punished with imprisonment of not more than 10 years and may, in addition thereto, be imposed with a fine of not more than NTD100,000,000 under Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. Those who import e-cigarette and the related items which don’t contain nicotine or any medicine shall be imposed with a fine of not less than NTD10,000 but no more than NTD50,000 under Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act. 

TPC will spare no effort on border security mission and collaborate with other government entities. Anyone would like to provide information or report please contact TPC at 0800-038265.  

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2021-11-04 Click times:419