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Taipei Customs Calls on Importers Not to Import Pit Bull Terrier

As the repetition cases of attacks by Pit Bull Terrier, the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan has included Pit Bull Terrier in one of the items of being banned from breeding, importing or exporting since March 1, 2022. In case of importation of these animals, a fine over NTD50,000 and under NTD250,000 will be imposed, as well as an owner's animals may be confiscated in accordance with article 26 and subparagraph5, paragraph1, article 32 of "Animal Protection Act", respectively.

Furthermore, the Bureau of Foreign Trade has included Pit Bull Terrier in the "list of commodities subject to Import Restriction" to accommodate to the aforementioned measure taken by the Council of Agriculture and strengthen border control. In accordance with Article 28 of "Foreign Trade Act", if the exporter/importer violates the regulations governing goods subject to export/import restriction, Bureau of Foreign Trade may issue a warning, impose an administrative fine of not less than NTD60,000 and not more than NTD3,000,000, or stop the exporter/importer from exporting, importing, or exporting/importing goods for not less than one month and not more than one year.

Taipei customs pointed out that American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier have been included in the restricted items, both of which are classified into tariff number 0106.19.20.11-5, and import regulation 111, import controlled. Taipei Customs calls on importers not to smuggle or file false declaration of importing these animals. Any person who smuggles these animals shall be imposed with a fine no more than three times the value of the cargoes and the cargoes may be confiscated based on Customs Anti-Smuggling Act. Taipei Customs ask the importers to comply with the relevant import regulations, so as not to be penalized.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2023-04-18 Click times:245