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What are the procedures for establishing and registering a customs broker?

The procedures are described as follows:
The application for establishing new customs borker consists of two stages. Licenses will be issued after the approval of the second stage.
1. Required documentation for the first stage:
(1) Customs brokers establishment form (Service Section Clearance Division II . TEL:03-3834265 EXT.355 or 358)

(2) Customs brokers registration form (Service Section Clearance Division II . TEL:03-3834265 EXT.355 or 358)

(3) Partners of a customs broker should submit documentations as follows: list of partners (partnership), list of shareholders (corporation), and list of directors and supervisors (incorporation).

(4) Organization's memorandum, shareholders meeting, and board meetings for corporate applicants.

(5) Certification of no less than 3 years of experience in customs clearance is needed for the statutory representative of the company or the manager taking charge of the operations.

(6) Statutory representative or personnel taking charge of the operations should submit the followings:
[1] Clean tax record issued by tax authorities,
[2] No bankruptcy and injunction record issued by a court of law,
[3] No criminal record issued by the Police Department, and
[4] ID card Photocopy

(7) Deed or property tax statement and its photocopy (original will be returned on-site after inspection) and customs broker license and its photocopy (original will be returned on-site after inspection)

(8) Property lease agreement (original lease agreement if it is under-lease).

The TPCO will reply to the applicant after reviewing the above submittals. An applicant should bring such reply to related agencies (department of commerce, MOEA and local government) to apply for registration changes within two months. The applicant shall submit the documents which have been changed to the TPCO for stage 2 approval.

2. Submittals for Stage 2 Approval
(1) Apply for Customs Broker license
(2) Membership card of the Customs Broker Association
(3) User license of Trade-VAN
(4) Original copy of custom broker agent certificate (registered on the reverse side).
(5) Two copies of customs broker personnel registration (form can be purchased from the Association).
(6) Customs broker operation license fee: NT$2000.
(7) Payment list of customs broker staff.

License will be issued by the customs office after the approval of this stage.

Responsible Unit: Service Section Clearance Division II . TEL:03-3834265 EXT.355 or 358

Contact point : Clearance Division II

TEL : (03)3834161 ext 358

Issued:Taipei Customs Release date:2020-05-05 Click times:118