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What are the procedures for the establishment and registration of import/export cargo warehouse?

1. A cargo warehouse refers to customs-approved places where uncleared cargos of import, export, and transit are stored.
2. Types of cargo warehouses:
(1) Import cargo warehouse: exclusively for the storage of import and transit cargos.
(2) Export cargo warehouse: exclusively for the storage of export cargos.
3. Requirements for Establishing Cargo Warehouse
(1) A cargo warehouse should be a strong construction with antitheft, wind-proof, well-ventilated, adequate lighting, and other facilities to ensure the safety of cargos and to facilitate the management and clearance of the customs.
(2) Open-air space approved for cargo storage shall be clearly isolated from the exterior, except for those located in restricted areas inside international ports and airports.
(3) The Customs may, according to the needs to conduct the operation of customs clearance automation, demand operators of cargo warehouses to install computers and related networking equipments to facilitate EDI operation of customs data.
(4) Unless otherwise approved by the Customs, cargo warehouses shall be established in the restricted areas inside international ports and airports.
(5) A special warehouse for the storage of damaged or valuable goods shall be provided inside an import cargo warehouse.

4. Responsible Unit:
Service Section, Clearance Division II.


5. Application for Establishing Cargo Warehouses:
Applications will be approved after submitting the following documents and on-site inspection by the local customs office. However, applicants which are container freight stations should apply for permission from the Ministry of Transportation and Communication before filing applications to the customs.

(1) Application Form: stating the name, address, and telephone of the company as well as the name and address of the statutory representative.
(2) Warehouse Location: construction structure and layout drawings.
(3) Building use permit and its photocopy.
(4) Use of open-air space for storage should submit the layout and user permit and theirs photocopies.

In the matter of the documentary requirements prescribed in items 3 and 4 of the foregoing paragraph, where the applicant is a government agency or a state-run enterprise, only the floor plan shall be required.

6. Guarantee Payment:
A successful applicant should pay a guarantee of NT$150,000 to the Customs, except for applicants of government agency or state enterprise.


Contact point : Clearance Division II

TEL : (03)3834161 ext 361

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