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Seizure Case Handling

No. Title Publish time
1 How can I apply for review after I've received the punishment notice? 2021-06-01
2 How can I make an administrative appeal if I object to the decision of review made by Customs? 2021-06-01
3 What am I supposed to do if I don't accept the sentence of the High Administrative Court? 2021-06-01
4 When will you collect a bid bond and how can I offer the bid? 2021-06-01
5 How do I proceed with administrative litigation if I am still not satisfied with the decision of the MOF on my appeal? 2021-06-01
6 Our imported goods have been detained at your office for a long time. Why have we still not received the disposition from Customs? 2020-05-11
7 How could I do if I receive a fine or duty memo notice? 2020-05-11
8 I have paid the fines at the post office by post transfer. How can I know that you have received the fines? 2020-05-11
9 What will Customs do if I do not pay the duties and /or fines? 2020-05-11
10 Will I be restricted from leaving the country if I do not pay the duties/fines? 2020-05-11
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