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Post Parcel Clearance

No. Title Publish time
1 Delay in EMS parcel delivery 2021-06-01
2 Customs declaration for tobacco and liquor. 2021-06-01
3 Foreign exchange basis for DVP calculation. 2021-06-01
4 Duty on goods purchased overseas being exported for repair or replacement. 2021-06-01
5 How to deal with parcel damage? 2021-06-01
6 Problems concerning unaccompanied luggage. 2021-06-01
7 Problems relating to customs duties and taxes. 2021-06-01
8 Customs clearance procedure for mailing fruits 2021-06-01
9 How to declare customs for mailing health foods in capsule or tablet form ? 2021-06-01
10 How to declare customs for prescription drugs? 2020-06-18
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