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The Temporary Admission (ATA Carnet)

No. Title Publish time
1 How should a passenger use a Carnet to declare his hand-carry luggage? 2021-10-19
2 What is ATA Carnet? 2021-04-19
3 Is there any limitation on using ATA Carnet? 2021-04-19
4 What are the countries which have an ATA Carnet agreement or treaty with Taiwan? 2021-04-19
5 Who issues the ATA Carnet? 2021-04-19
6 What is the validity period of an ATA Carnet? 2021-04-19
7 What is the normal clearance procedure for the declaration with Carnet? 2021-04-19
8 What is the regulation on the levy of imported/exported cargo through the Carnet on its re-export/import? 2021-04-19
9 What if the goods imported through the Carnet are not re-exported in their original conditions before validity of the carnet expires? 2021-04-19
10 What if the Carnet gets lost after the importation of goods? 2021-04-19
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