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Import/ Export Exhibit Goods Clearance

No. Title Publish time
1 What does “exhibit goods” mean according to the “Directions Governing Import/Export Clearance Procedures of Exhibit Goods”? 2020-04-20
2 When and to whom should the application for import exhibit goods be made? 2020-04-20
3 What documents should be presented for the application of import exhibit goods? 2020-04-20
4 How long does it take to process the application of import exhibit goods ? 2020-04-20
5 Is a deposit necessary for import exhibit goods? 2020-04-20
6 Is any deposit necessary for the application from foreign government agencies or foreign representative offices? 2020-04-20
7 How to get a refund of the deposit paid for the imported exhibit goods? 2020-04-20
8 What if the imported exhibit goods is not re-exported before the expiring date regulated by the Customs Act? 2020-04-20
9 Shall the imported exhibit goods be charged import duty when sold on exhibition? 2020-04-20
10 Shall an import duty for the imported exhibit goods be levied if it is destroyed after importation? 2020-04-20
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