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Import Clearance

No. Title Publish time
1 Can Mainland Chinas products which are not allowed to be imported be stored in bonded warehouses? 2020-04-21
2 To import a batch of car thermoses-coolers (DC-12V) from China. Please advise us on the tariff code 2020-04-21
3 What certificates are required for importing cell phones? Where can we acquire such a certificate? 2020-04-21
4 A shipment of machines released upon payment of import duties now has been issued a certificate by Industrial Development Bureau, which shows that no local manufacturer produces such machine. How to apply for the import tax refund? And, in addition to the import duty, can VAT (Value Added Tax) be returned? 2020-04-21
5 If a mistake in the currency declared on a C1 entry was found by the customs broker after the release of the goods, is it allowed to apply an amendment without being penalized? 2020-04-21
6 Surplus proceeds from the sale of goods of overdue declaration or duty payment shall be returned to the duty payers according to the Customs Act. What documents are required to apply for refund? 2020-04-21
7 Are the textiles from China for making shirt importable? 2020-04-21
8 Is quarantine inspection required for animals or plants according to B01 of the import/export regulations? 2020-04-21
9 According to import regulations 511, shall a certificate issued by Department of Health, be required for health foods in tablets, capsules, and oral vitamins for personal use imported by travelers, post parcels, express deliveries or regular imports? 2020-04-21
10 Under what conditions will the Customs, with a written notice, DECLINE to make advance tariff ruling on items? 2020-04-21
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