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I. Declaration:

A written declaration is required from each outbound passenger. Please declare in detail, when:

1. Carrying Money Laundering Controlled Items with value exceeding the limits.

2. Carrying commercial samples or dutiable items such as personal computer, professional equipment of photography and camera, etc. which are beyond duty exemption limit in value and are intended to be brought back to this country subsequently.


Ⅱ. Money Laundering Controlled Itemsmoney laundering controlled items

Effective from June 28, 2017, outward passengers or crew members carrying money laundering controlled items over the following limits are required to declare to Customs:

  1. New Taiwan Dollars

NTD100,000.Not more than NTD100,000 in notes can be brought out by each passenger.

  1. Foreign Currencies (incl. HKD, MOP)

Totaled USD10,000 (or its equivalent).Passengers must declare the amount of foreign currencies in excess of USD10,000 (or its equivalent in other foreign currencies). There is no limit on the amount of foreign currencies that can be carried out of Taiwan.

  1. Chinese Currency

Not more than CNY20,000 in notes can be brought out by each passenger. The amount in excess of CNY20,000 should be declared to the Customs, but only CNY20,000 can be brought out.

  1. Negotiable securities(incl. bearer traveler's checks, promissory notes, drafts, and securities)

Passengers or crew members must declare negotiable securities with face value in excess of USD10,000 or its equivalent. There is no limit on the amount of negotiable securities that can be carried out of Taiwan.

  1. Gold

Totaled USD 20,000 (or its equivalent).If the total value of gold exceeds USD20,000, an export permit issued by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA,helpline:+886-2-23510271) is needed at the port of departure, and the clearance of goods and inspections are required, too. 

  1. Diamonds, precious stones and/or platinum totaled NTD500,000 (or its equivalent) and those items are not for personal use

When the total value of items exceeds USD20,000, the excess amount is not allowed to be carried out of Taiwan without a permit from MOEA(Helpline:+886-2-23510271).

  • Note:
  • Any false-declaration or non-declaration of the above items will result in a fine or confiscation of the items. 
  • The prescribed limits on each category of items set forth above are applied independently. For example, a passenger carrying USD8,000 and also a gold bar of USD12,000 is not required to declare to Customs.


Ⅲ. Export Value Limit

For each outbound or transit passenger, the value limit for non-personal use articles not included in the List of Commodities Subject to Export Restriction is US$20,000. An export permit is required for the amount of the articles in excess of the value limit or the articles included in the aforesaid list.


Ⅳ. Forbidden Articles
Articles listed below shall not be taken out of the country:

  1. Copies of books, phonograph records, recording tapes, video tapes, video (audio) compact discs and computer software reproduced without authorization from the original sources and plates for printing such copies.
  2. Genuine Chinese antiques, ancient coins and paintings.
  3. Arms (including shotguns, fishing guns and air guns, etc. ), ammunition (including bombs, cartridges and explosives), assault knives and other weapons of war prescribed in the “Act Governing the Control of Guns, Ammunition and Knives”.
  4. Fake or spurious currencies or securities, or moulds for printing counterfeit currency.
  5. Heroin, morphine, Opium, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine, etc. prescribed in the “Act for the Control of Narcotics” and their derivatives and products.
  6. Any wild animals and endangered species of wildlife or products thereof are not allowed to be exported, unless a permit issued by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan is obtained in advance; if the species is included in the list of CITES, the CITES export permit shall be required for Customs verification.
  7. Other articles prohibited by law from exportation.


 Service hour and contact number for Customs service center:

 1. 24 hours a day

  Terminal 1, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport ,Tel.:03-3982308

  Terminal 2, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport ,Tel.:03-3983428

  Taipei Songshan Airport,Tel.:02-23312861

2. 06:00AM ~21:30PM

  Customs Service Counter at A1 station,Tel.:02-23312861

  Note: trial operation (Feb. 16th ~ Mar. 1st ) 8:00AM ~ 16:00PM


In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

Content Maintainers: General Affairs Section, Inspection Division

  • Date:2019-06-14
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