Taipei Customs(台北關)

Inbound Traveler Luggage Inspection

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 If no item of  personal baggage is  listed on the regulated articles of the declaration form(pdf),  travelers could pass through the Green Channel (Nothing to Declare) without filling out the  form.  If there is any item listed on the  regulated  articles of  the declaration form,  travelers shall fill out the form and pass through the Red Channel (Goods to Declare).  For any question, please consult Customs officers before passing through the Green Channel

  • Service hours : 24 hours a day
  • Phone number : (to contact Inspection Division, Taipei  Customs )
  • +886-3-3982307 : Section 1, Terminal 1, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 
  • +886-3-3983386 : Section 2, Terminal 2, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 
  • +886-2-25464698 : Taipei Songshan Airport
  • Contact point : General Affairs Section, Inspection Division
  • TEL : +886-3-3982293
  • Date:2018-07-16
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