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What is the Customs clearance procedure for importation of the live animals or aquatic species?

According to Article 13 , Paragraph 1 , Item 3 of The law of trade :

1.Importation of protected live animals, wildlife or breed, shall submit the approval document issued by the Council of Agriculture(COA), Executive Yuan, for the Customs clearance; either do the aquatic species of General Wildlife which is not included in those listed in Appendices I (for breeding purposes), Appendices II(for ornament purposes) and Appendices III (for consumption purposes ) of Guidelines Governing Review of Applications for Permission to Export or Import Live Wildlife and its products Article 4. If the species is included in the Appendices I and II of the Convention of International Trade on Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), The importer shall additionally submit the CITES export permit issued by the exporting countries  to the Customs for clearance.

2. If the specifies are governed by the Wildlife Conservation Act or listed in the Appendices of the CITES, the importer who declares the item mentioned above should enter both the scientific name and the common name of the species.


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  • Publish Date:2018-07-16
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