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How to apply for collective cargo clearance?

Regulations for Collective Cargo Clearance:

1. To facilitate the cargo clearance for good importers/exporters and to simplify the  procedures for the payment of import duty and fees, the customs announced the amendments to Collective Import/Export Cargo Clearance Rules on 18 March 2002. Importers and exporters may apply for collective cargo clearance from then on. Once a company is approved for collective cargo clearance, cargo clearance will in principle proceed without inspection and review (C1 form), but with sampling inspection. Importers/exporters will only need to pay the duty once a month.

2. The TPCB welcomes all qualified importers and exporters satisfying Article 2 of the Collective Import/Export Cargo Clearance Rule to apply for collective cargo clearance (the application form as in the appendix 2).


Contact Point: Duty Collection Section , Clearance Division I

TEL: (03) 3834265 ext 269, 228

  • Publish Date:2017-07-18
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