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What are the goods from China that can be legally imported to Taiwan?

1. According to the ROC Imports and Exports Classification Table: Items with     Import Regulation code MW0 are  prohibited. Items with code MP1 in the Import Regulation: allowed for conditional indirect import. Items with neither code in the Import Regulation: allowed for indirect import.

2. Since details of the items coded MP1 (allowed for conditional indirect import) are unable to be listed in the ROC Imports and Exports Classification Table, applicants should refer to the General Table for Conditional Import of China Goods.

(1) Items with CCC code followed by EX: items can be imported with both  Chinese and English descriptions exactly the same as listed can be imported.

(2) Items with MXX code: China goods can be imported under special   conditions, e.g. M63 and M80.

3. China goods can only be imported indirectly and preceded in accordance with the regulations defined in the “Consolidated List of Commodities Subject to Import Restriction and Commodities Assisted by Customs for Import Examination”, and “Consolidated List of conditional Import Items of Mainland China Origin and Regulations Governing Import of Mainland China Origin Commodities.” Please refer to the import regulations of “Consolidated List of Goods of Mainland China Origin” printed by the BOFT.


Contact point:Subsection I, Import/Export Classification & Valuation Section II , Clearance Division I

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  • Publish Date:2017-07-18
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