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What documents should be presented and what procedures should be done for exporting compact disks?

I. First, the exporters should transmit the information of the C.Ds. and related documents via EDI system to Taipei Customs Office. Then, the “Cargo Selectivity Systems” will screen these declarations and two results may happen as follows:

1. CDs clearance types could be C1, C2 or C3. C1 refers to bypass, which means no examination and no document needed; C2 refers to document review without cargo examination; C3 refers to document review and cargo examination.

2. VCD and DVD will be classified as C2 or C3. In these cases, exporters should file with a packing list, eligible authorized papers from owners or agents, “Copyright Authorization Document” from Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economics and export declaration to the export divisions. All C2 and C3 export declarations will be checked and released by Customs officers through the Customs Automation System, and the released messages will be transmitted to the computers of air cargo terminals immediately. Then the cargoes can be packed and boarded to the aircrafts right away.

II. Exporters should honestly declare all Source Identification Code (IFPI numbers) printed on the disks. Otherwise, the exporters will violate the article 24 of Optical Disk Act and the article 37 of Customs Anti-smuggling Act and will be fined under NT$3,000,000.

Contact point : Clearance Division I

TEL : (03)3834161 ext 218

  • Publish Date:2017-07-18
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