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Chen I-tsai sworn in as Director of Taipei Customs

Director of Taipei Customs Liu Kuo-sheng (劉國勝) retired on 5 June, 2018 and was succeeded in the role by Director of Taichung Customs Chen I-tsai (陳依財), according to Taipei Customs (TPC). The handover ceremony was held on the afternoon of 16 July, 2018 at the auditorium of TPC, and was hosted by Director General of Customs Administration Xie Ling-yuan (謝鈴媛). Guests from all spheres attended the event. The atmosphere was both warm and lively.

The newly appointed Director Chen I-tsai holds a Master's Degree in Shipping and Transportation Management from National Taiwan Ocean University and has served as Director of Taichung Customs, Chief Secretary of Customs Administration, Chief of Department of Customs Clearance Affairs of Customs Administration, and Chief of Wudu Branch of Keelung Customs. With a vast and diversified administrative experience, the new Director was proficient in Customs operations, laws and regulations. His outstanding performance have also earned him a distinguished reputation among officials of all levels.

In his inaugural speech, Director Chen expressed his pleasure to work at TPC and encouraged his team to keep striving for system establishment and talent cultivation. He highlighted four visions that TPC would be committed to (1) Integrity: to carry out all administrative acts based on the principle of administration by law; (2) Professionalism: to be equipped with expertise and take proactive approach to deliver solutions; (3) Service: to anticipate customers’ needs and communicate with passion; (4) Creativity: to innovate and streamline clearance procedures to facilitate legitimate trade. That is to say, the primary mission of TPC is to cultivate its talents, pass down its experiences and keep its system innovations in line with the internal and external demands. Mr. Chen concluded his remarks by calling for collaborative efforts from partner government agencies and the business community for a more streamlined, secure and quality through-Customs process.

  • Publish Date:2018-07-20
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