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Liu Kuo-sheng sworn in as Director of Taipei Customs

Liu Kuo-sheng (劉國勝) was sworn in as Director of Taipei Customs, succeeding Arthur C.W. Yang (楊崇悟), who was transferred to Customs Administration as Senior Researcher, Taipei Customs (TPC) said on November 2, 2017. The handover and inauguration ceremony was held at 3:30pm at the auditorium of Taipei Customs and was hosted by Director General of Customs Administration Liao Chao-hsiang (廖超祥). Guests from all spheres attended the event. The atmosphere was both warm and lively.

The newly appointed Director Liu Kuo-sheng holds a Master's Degree in Science and Technology Law from National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, and has served as Chief of Kaohsiung Airport Branch of Kaohsiung Customs, Chief Secretary of Kaohsiung Customs, Deputy Director of Taipei Customs, and Deputy Director of Kaohsiung Customs. Aside from his diversified administrative experience, Director Liu was proficient in Customs operations, laws and regulations. His significant contribution and outstanding performance has earned him a distinguished reputation among officials of all levels.

In his inaugural address, Director Liu expressed gratitude and respect to Director Yang for his exemplary leadership of courage and responsibility, as well as for being a guide and support to the juniors. He continued to highlight five goals that TPC would keep striving for: "cultivating Customs talents," "innovating with big data, IoT, mobile internet and cloud computing technologies," "optimizing Customs, Port and Trade (CPT) one-stop service," "strengthening integrated border management," and "deepening international cooperation". Liu concluded his remarks by calling for coordinated efforts from government agencies and the business community for a more streamlined, secure and quality through-Customs process.


  • Publish Date:2017-11-10
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