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Kaohsiung Customs Seizes 2,400 Kgs of Smuggled Mushroom from Mainland China

Acting upon a tip-off, officers from Kaohsiung Customs’ Kinmen Branch Office and agents from Investigation Bureau’s Fujian Investigation Section busted 2,400 kilograms of Chinese mushroom with an estimated street value of NTD 1.2 million at a civilian residence in Shuitou, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County, on May 31. The smuggled Chinese mushroom was confiscated and would be transferred to the competent authorities for further disposition.

The case was intercepted shortly before the Dragon Boat Festival this year, which falls on June 12. As mushroom is an integral ingredient for making rice dumplings which are the symbol of the festival, smuggling mushrooms into Taiwan from mainland China often becomes rampant during this time of the year. Besides restrict border control, the Customs has also closely cooperated with other intelligence and investigation authorities in order to keep mushroom trafficking from happening and in turn protect general public’s health and ensure local farmers’ interests.

The successful crackdown on this smuggling case demonstrates the close cooperation between the Customs and other relevant authorities. It can serve as an effective deterrent to smuggling activities.

To protect food safety and maintain normal trade flow, the Customs urges the general public to report suspicious activities to the Customs with hotline at +886-800-711117.

Contact Information: Mr. TSENG HSIN YI
Telephone: +886-7-5628219
Cell phone: +886-910-752371

  • Publish Date:2013-06-10
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