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Optimized NII for Facilitating Customs Clearance

Taichung customs expresses that, according to the requirements of “the Regulations Governing the Examination of Imported or Exported Goods,” if one declaration form declares more than two containers and just a few containers are selected for Customs’ Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII),all the cargos of the declaration will not be released until those selected containers pass the NII without abnormality.


Recently some importers asked that their import declarations are assigned to NII inspection, but they need urgently for some containers which were not subject to NII in the same declaration. How to get those containers earlier, they asked for customs’ help.


Taichung Customs expresses that, when importer needs to pick up specific containers, they may submit an application to customs for a separate NII. Upon receiving the application, the customs will arrange the NII process for the applied containers as soon as possible to optimize NII measure so as to enhance better customs clearance environment and secure importers interests.


If there are any questions regarding the application of NII, please contact Taichung Customs’ NII department for consultation. (Tel: 04-26571721 ext. 115)

  • Publish Date:2020-07-08
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