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Taipei Customs seized undeclared medical devices at Taoyuan International Airport

Taipei Customs intercepted 2,241 pieces of undeclared medical devices from baggage of two nationals flying in from Incheon, South Korea at Taoyuan International Airport on March 11, 2018. The two passengers failed to declare such items while they passed through the “Nothing to Declare” counter (Green Channel) and violated Customs Anti-smuggling Act. In addition, carrying medical devices without prior approval also violated Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. The goods were thus seized for follow-up action and the offenders were transferred to judicial authorities for investigation.

Taipei Customs indicated that for the import of medical devices, an application together with fees paid, shall be filed with the central competent health authority for registration and market approval. No importation shall be allowed until a medical device permit license is approved and issued, according to Paragraph 1, Article 40 of Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. Also, any person who manufactures or imports medical devices without obtaining prior approval shall be punished with imprisonment of not more than 3 years and may be imposed with a fine of not more than NT$10,000,000, according to Paragraph 1, Article 84 of the aforesaid Act.

Taipei Customs reminds passengers carrying medical devices into Taiwan to obtain prior approval from Ministry of Health and Welfare. If there is any doubt on the classification of the imported goods, please consult the above-mentioned Ministry in advance and go through the “Goods to Declare” counter (Red Channel) to avoid penalties.


  • Publish Date:2018-03-19
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