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Undeclared gold recovered from passenger at Taoyuan International Airport

On December 5, 2017, Taipei Customs, Customs Administration and Aviation Police Bureau, National Police Agency jointly foiled a smuggling attempt of 1 kg of gold (with an estimated value of NTD1.2 million) from a passenger departing for Japan. The Japanese passenger carried gold above the limit that can be legally transported out of the country without being declared. The gold was thus detained for follow-up action.
Under Money Laundering Control Act and Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines for Cross-border Declaration and Reporting, passengers or service crew members arriving into or departing from the country, carrying gold in an aggregate value exceeding USD20,000, are required to declare said items to the Customs. Failure to declare or a false declaration will lead to a fine equivalent to the value of the gold that is not declared or is falsely declared.
Taipei Customs reminds cross-border travelers carrying money laundering controlled items to declare with Customs to avoid penalties: gold over the value equivalent to USD20,000, cash over RMB20,000 and NTD100,000, foreign currency and negotiable securities over the value equivalent to USD10,000, and diamonds, precious stones and/or platinum over the value equivalent to NTD500,000 and not intended for personal use. For further information, please refer to Inbound/Outbound Traveler Declaration section at, or contact Customs service at the toll-free number 0800-311-006.

  • Publish Date:2017-12-15
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