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Bonding Operations intelligence Service Officially Online!

The “Bonding Operations intelligence Service Platform” was officially online on 27th Oct.,2019! Applications associated with bonding operations can now be submitted electronically via the platform.


Taichung customs expressed that, in order to follow the trends toward digitization, facilitate Taiwan’s trade and economic development, reduce the trading operating cost and enhance Taiwan’s industrial competitiveness, Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, has set up an information system called “Bonding Operations intelligence Service Platform” providing electronic transmission service of bonding operations. in the past, the ”Customs-Port-Trade (CPT) Single window” provided the online-transmitting function as well.


However, applicants could not upload attachments necessary for the application via CPT Single Window. To meet the demand of customs review, applicants had to send the hard copy to the customs office, delaying the whole procedure.But now with the Bonding Operations intelligence Service Platform, enterprises in all bonded areas, such as bonded factory, bonded warehouse, free trade zone, and science park, can now complete the application through the internet with PDF or JPG files uploaded. After submission, applicants can utilize the “Progress Check” function to check the progress of their applications. When reviewing is done, the applicants will be notified of the result with text messages or e-mails, making the whole process more convenient and more efficient.


To learn more features and to get access to the services provided by the Bonding Operations intelligence Service Platform, please visit https://bis.sw.nat.gov.tw/BIS/. If any further assistance in needed, please contact the technical service center.(Tel:0800-299-889)     

  • Publish Date:2019-11-29
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