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To Prevent Illegal Entry and Storage of Industrial Waste, Customs Strengthens the Review of Import Requirements

Taichung Customs expressed that, due to China’s ban on the importation of solid waste such as plastics waste and metal, the entry and storage of the aforementioned goods in Taichung Port Free Trade Zone (FTZ) from other countries have shown increasing since November of 2018. Customs has firmly examined such goods and supervised the storage in FTZ to ensure fulfillment of all the requirements of the Act for the Establishment and Management of Free Trade Zone.


Taichung Customs further stated that the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) would be notified to determine whether the suspected goods found by the Customs are industrial waste or not. According to the provisions of Waste Disposal Act, the goods determined to be industrial waste without obtaining a prior permit shall be returned to the exporting countries. In addition, a fine from sixty thousand to ten million New Taiwan Dollars shall be imposed on the violator. 


During the period from February to April, 2019, twenty nine cases of aluminum waste and scrap entered and stored in Taichung Port FTZ have been seized by Taichung Customs. Those cases had been deemed to be industrial waste by competent authority. These seized wastes, containing plastic coated wires and printed circuit boards, had been re-exported because no permit from the competent authority was granted. The importers of those wastes are subject to corresponding fines. Finally, Taichung Customs advises FTZ enterprises to apply for required permits prior to importation of such goods. If all the import requirements are fulfilled, and importers are compliant with relevant law and regulations, imposition of penalties or fines will not be needed.     


  • Publish Date:2019-06-04
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