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Customs Relaxes Restrictions on Handling Returns in Same Depot

Keelung Customs (KLC) stated that regulations concerning re-exportation of goods from the same depot, as prescribed in the “Customs Declaration Manual for Advance Cargo Preclearance,” had been amended on Feb. 7, 2020. KLC expressed: “to provide a more simplified and facilitative service to the public, the restriction on re-exportation from the same depot for shut-out cargos has been lifted. Originally it was only allowed under certain circumstances such as port closure during typhoon, vessels stranded caused by falling tide or for departing vessels which will not return to the port to load containers, etc.”


KLC further explained: “if shut-out cargos need to re-export from the same depot, the exporters or their entrusted customs brokers should fill in the "shut-out cargo/returning to depot (for sea cargo) / change of aircraft (for air cargo) application form" and submit to the Customs. Once verified by the Customs, the exporters or their representatives can present copies of Customs-endorsed application to the warehouse operators for them to process and transmit out-turn report electronically to the Customs.”  Relevant stakeholders are advised to pay attention to the changes.


KLC urged exporters to use the latest version of application form and heed to related regulations or requirements listed on the above-mentioned form to prevent unnecessary delays resulted from incorrect forms or incomplete documentation. For more information, please contact Keelung Customs at (03) 392-1591 ext. 310.

  • Publish Date:2020-06-30
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