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Taichung Customs is to hold “Offshore Wind Power Customs Clearance Seminar”

Taichung Customs , Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance is going to hold a seminar on May 7th (Tuesday), 2019. Private sectors engaged in offshore wind power are welcome to participate in the seminar,which will start from 1:30-3:40 PM on such day.


 Taichung Customs is to hold the seminar in order to improve service quality, assist in facilitating customs clearance of goods facilities, and related instruments for offshore wind power cooperate with the implementation of the Executive Yuan’s renewable energy development policies, and promote the development of domestic wind power industry and further the transition to a green economy in Taiwan .


The seminar will include two presentations. The first one is to give a brief introduction of tariff classification of wind power related goods, including wind turbines, its parts and components, working vessels, installation apparatus and equipment. The second presentation will give more details on customs procedures. The seminar is also open to questions on site. Please visit the "Interactive Zone" / "Online Registration" for more  information (https://taichung.customs.gov.tw) ,and complete your registration by May 6th.

  • Publish Date:2019-05-02
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