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Customs Administration calls on cross-border online shoppers to complete real-name registration (to facilitate the clearance of their express imports).

        Customs Administration has urged the individual importers to download and install the "EZ WAY" APP and complete the APP registration process as soon as possible. The Administration considered this would effectively facilitate the process of entrusting Customs brokers to make import declarations for express consignments associated with cross-border ecommerce. On the other hand, in order to crack down on illegal trade activities involving importations under stolen or fabricated identities of individuals, which have been frequently carried out through inadequate courier services, Taiwan Customs Administration is to strengthen checks on POAs (Powers of Attorney) required to make Customs declarations  for express consignments on behalf of private importers.

        According to current rules, any Customs broker entrusted to handle imported goods is required to have a valid POA from the importer and submit it to Customs upon declaration. But Customs brokers handling express consignments may apply to Customs for exemption of presenting POAs on a case-by-case basis, while keeping all acquired POAs on file for 6 months for Customs check upon request. Customs Administration stressed that the exemption mentioned above was provided for the purpose of accelerating Customs clearance of express consignments. However, wrong-doers had taken advantage this privilege by preparing fake or falsified POAs under fabricated or stolen identities of private persons, so as to cover up trials of bringing in controlled or prohibited items. Therefore, Customs Administration decided to intensify checks against POAs relating to express shipments. The above operation was scheduled to launch by the end of this May.

        In addition, Customs Administration urged the individual importers to download and install the "EZ WAY" APP and complete the APP registration process as soon as possible. To complete the APP registration, a would-be or experienced individual importer has to input information including his phone numbers, personal ID card number, Chinese and English names, address, etc., Customs Administration added.

        “After the registration of personally identifying information has been acknowledged, the registered person will receive a message from the real-name authentication system whenever an import declaration of express consignments is filed with Customs under his/her name. As long as he or she has confirmed the personal information and details of goods contained in that declaration, no paper-based POA is required and the declaration will be processed by Customs immediately. This mechanism not only can help prevent individual importers from being potential victims of identity theft due to  ignorance, but enable Customs to make a quick check of whether any reported individual importer is a genuine one, which in turn will expedite the clearance of their express import,” Customs Administration further explained.

        Once again, Customs Administration encouraged private persons, even those who are unlikely to act as importers to join the real-name authentication mechanism. Nevertheless, Customs also ask courier service providers to inform their clients that, for the individual importer shown on a declaration of an express shipment who has not gone through the real-name registration process, real-time registration or provision of a valid POA will still be acceptable for Customs to clear the shipment.

  • Publish Date:2019-05-22
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