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While a dispute arises on the country of origin of imported textile products that are domestically made, how will Customs deal with it?2017-07-18
What is the procedure for the import/export clearance of exhibits?2017-07-18
How do I make a customs declaration for products which belongs to the list of ECFA Early Harvest?2017-07-18
Under what conditions will the Customs, with a written notice, DECLINE to make advance tariff ruling on items?2017-07-18
Can Mainland Chinas products which are not allowed to be imported be stored in bonded warehouses?2017-07-18
Is there any time limit on the import of unaccompanied luggage? What will Customs do for the overdue import?2017-07-18
What is the procedure to resolve disputes over duty?2017-07-18
Surplus proceeds from the sale of goods of overdue declaration or duty payment shall be returned to the duty payers according to the Customs Act. What documents are required to apply for refund?2017-07-18
What are the operational regulations for the 24-hour cargo clearance service?2017-07-18
What are the goods from China that can be legally imported to Taiwan?2017-07-18
What is the clearance procedure for the declaration with Carnet?2017-07-18
How to apply for refund by fax?2017-07-18
What is the procedure for the clearance of re-export cargo?2017-07-18
What is Release Before Duty? How to apply for Release Before Duty and customs clearance on such condition?2017-07-18
What is the maximum fold of the total amount of the average monthly import duties (based on the total statistic report on taxes levied computed by the Customs) in the previous year (from January to December) for self warrant limit in the “Consolidated Clearance Measure”?2017-07-18
According to import regulations 511, shall a certificate issued by Department of Health, be required for health foods in tablets, capsules, and oral vitamins for personal use imported by travelers, post parcels, express deliveries or regular imports?2017-07-18
In the mechanism of “Post Release Duty Payment”, when does the importer have to pay the import duties following the date receiving the duty memo if the amount of the surety bond has been withdrawn?2017-07-18
How to apply for collective cargo clearance?2017-07-18
How to declare the value about the royalties of import goods?2017-07-18
What are Customs regulations on withdrawing samples?2017-07-18
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