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What documents should be presented and what procedures should be done for exporting compact disks?2017-07-18
Can garments which are made of cloth processed by foreign manufacturer be sold from Taiwan and re-export to other countries?2017-07-18
What will be the “duty treatment” code of returned export –goods?2017-07-18
What can I do if I want to carry goods out of Taiwan?2017-07-18
How to apply for customs clearance of OEM processing cargos?2017-07-18
How to apply for re-export customs clearance at different customs offices?2017-07-18
Q: How the trade promotion fee is levied for air export cargos?2017-07-18
In the event that a discrepancy is found in the trademark of the goods upon an export declaration, will the goods still be released? What documents are required?2017-07-18
In the event that our trademarks are infringed, what should we do to get your help?2017-07-18
Is an amendment allowed when mistakes in export declaration are found after the declarations have been filed? Are there regulations involved?2017-07-18
What should one pay attention while exporting optical disks?2017-07-18
What is the prescribed time limit for the amendment of export declarations?2017-07-18
If the export declaration is lost, how can I apply for re-issuing it?2017-07-18
Under what circumstances is an exporter not allowed to apply for amending FOB prices?2017-07-18
How to apply for re-issuance of a copy of an approved export declaration whose paper form is lost?2017-07-18
What is the time of trade statistics (imports/ exports) recording and statistical value of goods?2017-07-18
How do I get the trade statistics information (import/ export) on a specific product?2017-07-18
How can I do if I want to import or export the human remains or ashes?2017-07-18
What are the items for which the Customs take measures to enforce the protection of Intellectual Property Rights?2017-07-18
What is the export limit in terms of monetary amount when declaring in the name of a private person? Are there any regulations?2017-07-18
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