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Is there any limit on the amount of money controlled items to be brought into or taken out of Taiwan by passengers?2019-06-14
What kind of food products am I allowed to carry into Taiwan regarding tightening border inspections against African swine fever(ASF)?2019-04-09
Can I carry ___________ into Taiwan? (Keep ASF and animal diseases out!)2019-01-23
Are passengers allowed to bring electronic cigarette into Taiwan?2018-08-30
Is there any charge for these services?2018-07-16
What is the procedure for customs clearance when carrying pets to Taiwan?2018-07-16
When should the above procedures be done? How long does it take?2018-07-16
What should outbound passengers do to apply for the permission of hand-carry cargo?2018-07-16
How should passengers re-import the samples or personal utility brought abroad previously?2018-07-16
Where should outbound passengers who carry commercial products apply for permission?2018-07-16
Can foreign passengers claim the taxes refund when they leave the country with the goods purchased in Taiwan?2018-07-16
What is the related regulations for customs clearance when carrying gold?2018-07-16
What notices are needed for passenger to carry the negotiable securities brought in or taken out of the country?2018-07-16
How much is the limitation of gold for passengers to bring in or take out of the country?2018-07-16
Can the Protected species of the fauna and flora be brought in or taken out of the country by passengers?2018-07-16
What is the total value of duty-exemption for each inbound passenger?2018-07-16
Are passengers allowed to bring animals/plants or the related products into Taiwan?2018-07-16
Are inbound passengers allowed to bring fruits into the country?2018-07-16
How should the inbound passengers make the Customs clearance?2018-07-16
What does “Unaccompanied Baggage” mean? What is the procedure for customs clearance of unaccompanied baggage?2018-07-16
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